Dear Shareholders

             The year 2020 we started facing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made 2020 an extremely challenging year, affecting all sectors of the global economy, and Thailand’s economy is no exception. After the COVID-19 spread has been curbed at a satisfactory level, Thailand's export sector has gradually picked up and expanded with better-than-expected positive results at the end of the year. However, the industry had to face problems concerning shortage of containers and higher freight charges both by sea and by air, including the appreciation of the baht which is another factor that directly affects international freight forwarders.

          The Board of Directors of Leo Global Logistics Public Company Limited (LEO) has closely monitored the situation that may affect the Company's business operations and personnel, and has adjusted the business strategies to be appropriate and in line with the changing situation at all times, in order to cope with the changes that may occur and reduce the risks from the economic volatility. In addition, the Company has set up an innovative strategy to expand the Company's service business in order to respond to the needs of customers more comprehensively and inclusively. We enhanced our service for core customers, while expanding the service to new entrepreneurs among potential exporters and importers. Moreover, we have business partners both at home and abroad. Significantly, being listed on MAI will benefit the expansion of the Business Plan according to the IPO financial plan as disclosed in the prospectus.

         The Company has turned the problems and obstacles into opportunities, and in 2020 we managed to grow with dynamic operating results, with a net profit of THB 57.8 million, a 24% increase compared to 2019, breaking the record for the highest profitability since the establishment of the Company.

          On behalf of the Board of Directors, Executives and employees of Leo Global Logistics Public Company Limited, we would like to thank all our shareholders for the continued trust and support. We confirm our intention to operate business under the principles of environmental, social and good corporate governance (ESG) aspects towards sustainability, taking into consideration the rights of all stakeholders inclusively, and are committed to achieving the set goals so as to become a leader in integrated end-to-end logistics in Thailand and ASEAN.


Mr. Sanee Dangwung
Chairman of the Board of Directors