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     How to complain
           "your right to be heard"

Your suggestions and comments have utmost helpful for our improvement and development towards the highest quality so we welcome your feedback on our services.

You can help us by:

Informing us of any dissatisfaction you may have, with any of our services, and logging your complaint directly onto our Claims Service

Providing us with clear concise information of your complaint and daytime contact details.

3 Steps easily to complain online

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Ready to complain?

What happens when a complain is received?

A Service Quality System Management Team will respond to you within 2 working days of receipt. We will keep you regularly updated of progress until your complaint is fully resolved.

If you are still not happy:

If you are not happy with the time we took to respond, with the way we kept you informed, or with the manner in which you were dealt with you can progress your complaint to the next stage through survey form that will be send direct to our Management.

Your complaint will be responded and find corrective and preventive action again within 30 working days. Sometimes delays are unavoidable, but if we do need longer to resolve your complaint, we will explain the reasons for any delay and update you on progress at regular intervals until conclusion.

You can discuss your complaint with us:

Quality System Management Team
Tel : 02 079 9888 ext 1860 or 1861
Fax : 02 079 9829
Email :